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These Rules for accepting bets and paying out winnings of a betting company (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) determine the procedure for accepting bets, paying out wins, resolving contentious issues, especially bets on certain sports. These Rules govern all other relations between the participants - the betting company and the betting participant. These Rules apply both to the participants of the betting site and to the participants of the betting at all points of acceptance of bets of the betting company. Bet - a winnings agreement concluded between a bettor and a betting company, in accordance with the established Rules, and the outcome of this agreement depends on an event for which it is not known whether it will occur or not. Acceptance of bets from betting participants takes place on the terms offered by the betting company. The outcome is the result of the event (s) on which a bet was made. Bet participant - a person who bets at a betting company on the outcome of an event. Line - a set of events, possible outcomes of these events, odds on the possible outcomes of these events, their date and time, after which the betting company stops accepting bets on the outcomes of these events. Cancellation of a bet is an event in which the calculation and payment of winnings are not made. In the event of a “cancellation of the bet”, according to the terms of these Rules, the transaction between the organizer and the bettor is considered to be closed and at such a rate a refund is made. The main time of the match is the duration of the match in accordance with the rules of the competition in this sport, including the time added by the referee. The main time of the match does not include extra time, overtime, penalty shootouts, shootouts, etc.








Bets are accepted for persons who have reached the age of 18 or the age of majority in his jurisdiction (if this age should be more than 18), who agree with the Betting Rules offered by the betting company. Bets are not accepted: - for persons who have not reached 18 years of age at the time of accepting the bet; - for persons who are participants in events on which bets are made (athletes, coaches, referees, owners or functionaries of clubs and other persons who have the ability to influence the outcome of the event), as well as persons acting on their behalf or affiliated with them; - for persons representing the interests of other bookmakers; - for other persons whose participation in the agreement with the betting company is prohibited by applicable law. Responsibility for violation of clauses of these Rules lies with the bettor. In case of violation of these Rules, the betting company reserves the right to refuse to pay any winnings or to return the deposited amounts, as well as to cancel any bets. The betting company does not bear any responsibility as to when it became known to it that the bettor is included in one of the listed categories of persons. This means that the betting company has the right to take these measures at any time after it became known that the bettor is one of the designated persons. The betting company has the right not to accept bets from betting participants that do not comply with these Rules. The betting company reserves the right to refuse to accept bets to any kind of bets in case of violation by the betting participant of public norms of behavior and public order. The betting company reserves the right to refuse to accept bets to any person without explanation. All bets are settled based on information provided by the processing center. Payment of winnings to a gambling participant is made within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the official publication of the results for the last event indicated in the receipt. Winning receipts are valid for receiving winnings within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the event specified in the receipt. When calculating the winnings, the bettor is obliged to check the correctness of the accrued winnings, and in case of disagreement on the accrued winnings, notify the betting company about this, indicating in the circulation his account number, date, time, event, amount, the chosen outcome of the event, odds, as well as the reasons for disagreeing with accrued winnings. All claims for accrued winnings are accepted within 10 (ten) days. Claims for calculating coupons for Cyber-Live games (except for CyberSport) are accepted within 72 hours from the end of the game. A bet made by a bettor on a specific outcome of an event is considered to be won if all outcomes indicated in such a bet are correctly predicted. The conditions for accepting bets (odds, handicaps, totals, restrictions on maximum bets, etc.) can be changed after any bet, while the conditions of previously made bets remain unchanged. Before entering into an agreement, the bettor must find out all the changes in the current line. In accordance with these Rules, in case of disagreement between the betting participant (participant in the agreement) and the betting company, on issues related to the execution and implementation of the winnings agreement between the betting participant (participant in the agreement) and the betting company, including questions about the payment of winnings, on the outcome of events, win odds, issues of other material conditions of the agreement, as well as on issues of recognition of the agreement as null and void, the parties established A compulsory claim procedure for resolving disagreements arises (pre-trial procedure). In the framework of the pre-trial procedure for the settlement of disputes, a party that believes that its rights have been violated is required to present the other party with a written complaint. If the addressee of the claim is a betting company, the claim is presented at its location (legal address), indicated in the relevant constituent documents of the betting company and confirmed by the corresponding extract from the register of legal entities. If the addressee of the claim is a bettor (participant in the agreement), the claim is presented at his place of residence (or place of stay). The claim is filed within 10 (ten) days from the day when the person found out or should have known about the violation of his right. Documents confirming and justifying the claims stated in it must be attached to the claim. In the absence of sufficient requirements to justify the requirements specified in the claim, the claim shall be returned without consideration. Claims for calculating coupons for Cyber-Live games are accepted within 72 hours from the end of the game. To withdraw funds, a participant must make at least 4 winning bets.. When a request for withdrawal of funds is activated, the withdrawal amount of the participant is frozen until he pays the bookmaker commission in the amount of 50 USD (US dollars) or the equivalent amount in the participant’s currency. In case of personnel errors when accepting bets (obvious typos in the proposed list of events, discrepancies in line and bet coefficients, etc.), when deviating from these Rules when accepting bets, as well as other arguments confirming incorrect bets, the betting company leaves reserve the right to declare bets void on such terms. Payment at these rates is made with a coefficient of "1". In case of suspicion of the unsportsmanlike nature of the matches, the company has the right to block bets on a sporting event until the final conclusion of an international organization, and recognize bets invalid if an unsportsmanlike fight is established. Payment at these rates is made with a coefficient of "1". The administration is not obliged to present evidence and conclusions to the betting participants. If there was an obvious error in our coefficients, then such a rate will be calculated in accordance with the final result for the current coefficient corresponding to this market. If the claim is not considered by the party that received it within the specified time, the party that believes that its rights have been violated has the right to apply to the appropriate court at the location (legal address) of the betting company. If these Rules are changed, betting participants are notified of this by relevant announcements. Bets accepted starting from the indicated date are subject to the amended Rules. The conditions of previously made bets remain unchanged. The bettor is responsible for the secrecy of his password and account number received during registration. All bets registered with the betting company are valid. Cancellation of bets is possible only on the basis of these Rules. If the username or password of the bettor becomes known to third parties, it is necessary to notify the administration of the betting company, as well as change the username and password on your account and email to a more complex one. Do not disclose to third parties information regarding codes for withdrawing funds and changing your phone number. The betting company lucky-bet.net  is under no circumstances liable to the betting party for any indirect, incidental or incidental loss or damage (including loss of profit), even if he was notified of the possibility of such loss or damage. Communication failure upon receipt of confirmation of a bet is not a reason for its cancellation. Any bet is a confirmation that the bettor agrees and accepts these Rules for accepting bets. Only the results of events announced by the betting company are the basis for calculating bets and determining winnings. Claims based on the results of events will be considered only in a package with official documents of the respective sports federations. If a bettor commits fraudulent actions in relation to a betting company (multi-account, use of software to automate bets, playing in arbitration situations, if the game account is not used to make bets, abuse of loyalty programs, etc.), then the betting company reserves the right stop such fraudulent activities by: - ​​canceling bets; - closing the account of the betting participant with a refund of money deposited to the account of the account as a deposit; - appeals to law enforcement agencies on the fact of fraud by such a bettor. The betting company does not accept claims regarding discrepancies in transliteration (translation from foreign languages) of the names of teams, names of players, venues of the competition. All information given in the name of the tournament is auxiliary in nature. Possible errors in this information are not grounds for a refund. Each registered bettor can have only one account. When registering on the site, the rule applies for one family, one address, email address, IP address, credit / debit card, electronic wallet or electronic top-up method, it is also forbidden to register to persons affiliated with the user in other ways. The company administration reserves the right to request a betting participant to clarify the data (passport data, registration, registration) and the passage of a video conference. The answer to the user, after passing the videoconference, can be provided within 5 working days. If the game account is not used for 3 months, it is recognized as "inactive" and blocked. To unblock an account, you must contact the security service. A registered betting participant cannot re-register as a new betting participant (under a new name, with a new email address, etc.). In the case of confirmation of the fact of re-registration (including under a new name), the provision of other people's, invalid, fake documents (including those changed using various programs and graphic editors), the administration reserves the right to invalidate bets made from such an account. In case of refusal of the verification procedure, the administration has the right to declare the rates invalid. The administration also reserves the right to block such an account (re-registered) for the duration of the proceedings. At the request of the bidder, an individual exception may be made by the administration of the BC. The company reserves the right to close the game account and cancel all bets made on this account if it is established that: - the betting participant at the time of placing the bets had information about the outcome of the event; - the betting participant had the opportunity to influence the outcome of the event, being a direct participant in the match (athletes, referees, coaches, etc.) or a person acting on their behalf; - bets are made by a group of betting partners acting in concert (by a syndicate) in order to exceed the limits set by the company; - one betting participant has several gaming accounts (multiple registration); - a betting participant is suspected of using special software or hardware to automate the betting process; - any dishonest methods of obtaining information or circumventing restrictions established by the company were used. Balances in the accounts of betting participants in the above situations are subject to return after the completion of the proceedings. In this case, the amount of the balance is determined without taking into account dishonestly received income. The company reserves the right not to compensate the player’s losses on payment system commissions when depositing and / or withdrawing funds to the account (from the account) of the lucky-bet.net  betting company. In connection with the increasing incidence of various types of fraud, registration of several accounts by one user, repeated violations of the rules of BC by users, the company reserves the right to conduct the process of confirming the identity of the owner by video conference. If the BC security service has doubts about the identity of the betting participant or about the accuracy of the information provided (address, credit or debit card, other data), then she has the right to request from the betting participant any documents of his choice that confirm his identity, and others data transmitted by the betting participant, as well as cancel any payments until all information has been verified. BC has the right to request the sending of documents by post. Verification of documents can last up to 72 hours from the receipt of documents. If it is proved that the information received is not reliable, the company has the right to indefinitely cancel all bets and suspend all cash payments, as well as continue checking the account, asking for a package of documents necessary for reliable verification of the account. The account holder confirms / agrees that all actions performed in the account are performed by him independently. If actions on the account are performed by third parties, the owner is solely responsible for access to the account. The company reserves the right to update the text of the rules and add new rules at any time. In this case, the new rules or a new version of the rules come into force and will be applied immediately after they are published on the site. What is gaming addiction? Problems with gambling are associated with mental illness and can manifest themselves in the form of depression, anxiety, suicidal thoughts; they also negatively affect family relationships, work, performance and can lead to bankruptcy or push for the commission of crimes. Gambling should be entertaining entertainment, not a way to earn money. Unfortunately, in some cases, participation in such games can lead to problems. We care about our users and make every effort to ensure reliable and secure use of our site without any unpleasant consequences. We do not advertise our products and services to minors or mentally vulnerable people. Minors. Our company does not allow persons of minor age (under 18 years old) to participate in games. We take all possible measures to prevent violations of this rule. We guarantee that our advertising, sponsorship and marketing do not contain information aimed at attracting minors to the site. Prevention against gambling addiction. Any of our advertising campaigns and announcements do not mislead the user and do not distort the essence of the services provided for potentially vulnerable players. Players are warned of chances to win and possible risks. Services are subject to payment and excessive costs are not encouraged. Please answer yes or no to the questions below. You can not control your expenses? Are you characterized by a loan of money or theft in order to continue playing? Have you been paying less attention to your family and your loved ones lately? Have you started to react negatively to the opinions of others regarding your activity on gaming sites? Have you lost interest in your hobbies or in your usual leisure activities? Are you depressed, and sometimes you even get suicidal thoughts due to failures in the game? Have you ever lied to hide the amount of money wagered or the time spent in the game? If you answered “yes” to most of the questions, then most likely you have problems with gambling. It's never too late to admit that you have an addiction and fight it. We value the participants in the bet and in no case will we contribute to the development of such an ailment. Please see the following tips to help you reduce your risk of gambling addiction. Do not consider gambling the main source of income. Set limits on the time and money that you intend to spend, and do not break them. Play only for the money that you can afford to lose. Avoid the temptation to recoup. Do not gamble if: - you are under the influence of alcohol or drugs; “You are depressed.”








3.1 Bid History You can check previous bids at any time by going to the site in the “Account” section and then in the “My bets” section. You can configure a chronological search filter and view only open and calculated bids. When you make your choice and click on the “Show” button, a list of relevant bets will appear. To display detailed information for each specific bid, click on the appropriate line.




3.2 Account History You can view all replenishment of your account at any time by going to the site, and then in the "Deposit / Withdrawal" section and the "Balance History" section. It will contain information on the amount of funds contributed. Information about the withdrawal of funds and other changes in the account is also contained on this page.




3.3 Your balance The current balance of your account appears on the screen after authorization on the site.




3.4 Password and login If some part of your registered personal data can be interpreted as offensive (eg login), the company reserves the right to immediately close the betting party’s game account. In the "Account" section, you can change your password. If you have forgotten your password, there is a “Forgot Password” link on the main page, which explains the steps to reset your password. You will not be able to change your username after opening an account. 3.5 Personal data The address at which the payment card is registered must coincide with the address given on the online gaming account. Updating personal data, including address, phone number, email address and bank data, is your responsibility. Data can be updated in the "Account" section of the site. You cannot change some data yourself. To change such data, contact support.








You can replenish and withdraw funds from the account in various ways. All methods of replenishment and withdrawal of funds are presented on the page "Deposit / Withdrawal of funds." All withdrawal requests are processed around the clock. The security service of the lucky-bet.net  betting company has the right: - to refuse to withdraw funds in any of the available ways if the amounts of replenishment or withdrawal of funds from the game account do not correspond to the amounts of placed bets (bets must be made with a coefficient of at least 1.1; multiple bets made in games with minimal loss of balance are not taken into account, i.e. this implies bets on opposite events in games such as roulette, baccarat, craps and dice). The criterion for the withdrawal of funds will be the amount of bets made as part of this replenishment. - refuse to withdraw funds if the game account is not used for gaming purposes, and before withdrawing funds you will need to verify your game account. The lucky-bet.net  security service does not recommend: - transferring money between payment systems; - replenish the account and withdraw funds without placing bets; - use the service "Transfer to a friend" to withdraw funds. In these cases, the money will be returned to your account. Withdrawal of funds is possible only for those details for which replenishment was carried out. When replenishing the account in various ways, the withdrawal of funds should be proportional to the amount of replenishment. lucky-bet.net  has the right to refuse payment to payment systems or in cash, offering in return payment by bank transfer. Withdrawal of funds is possible only after completion of at least 4 events that the client has set. To make a withdrawal, the participant must pay a commission 1% of withdraw amount.  Before you withdrawal the funds, you must pass an account identification to confirm, that you are 18 years old. ATTENTION! The administration does not recommend replenishing an account with other people's electronic wallets. The administration has the right to return funds to the accounts of wallet owners without prior notice. In special cases, for some betting players ’gaming accounts, compensation of payment system fees for depositing and withdrawing funds, usually paid bylucky-bet.net  BC, may be canceled. Due to the specifics of registering the BC, and for the financial security of the participant, all taxes on winnings collected from the BC are transferred to the participant in accordance with the tax laws of the country, and he undertakes to pay them before the withdrawal of funds, as well as pay income tax in the amount of 13% before receiving funds. To complete the withdrawal, the client must acquire the status of “Better” or “Bookmaker” before the full withdrawal of funds. The client has the right to submit a request for withdrawal of funds from the account, provided that all payments that have been transferred to the client’s account have been checked for compliance with all the conditions of the current User Agreement.








5.1 BC provides for two main types of customer accounts: Better and Bookmaker. To get full access to all the services of BC, including for withdrawing funds, the client must acquire one of the indicated statuses. The price of the Better status is 300 USD (US dollars), the price of the Bookmaker status is 600 USD (US dollars). “Better” status: - makes you an official partner of BC lucky-bet.net  with the ability to conduct all necessary operations with your account; - allows you to withdraw funds in the period established by the company regulations (up to 3 banking days); - allows you to receive premium bets with a higher coefficient; - allows you to get a personal analyst of the status of "Standard". Statute “Bookmaker”: - makes you an official partner of BC lucky-bet.net  with the ability to conduct all necessary operations with your account; - allows you to withdraw funds in an accelerated time (up to 1 banking day); - allows you to withdraw funds to a cryptocurrency wallet without a commission from the network of the corresponding cryptocurrency; - allows you to receive premium bets with a higher coefficient and premium bets; - allows you to get a personal analyst of the status of "Premium" and "VIP"; - activates your referral program.




5.2 If there are sufficient suspicions from the lucky-bet.net  security service about the player's ability to be involved in contractual matches and / or the player has information from the participants of the event or third parties about the outcome of the match, BC reserves the right not to withdraw funds from the client until it acquires Better status or "Bookmaker". The acquisition of status in this case is a prerequisite for the withdrawal of funds.








6.1 Creating a bet. Familiarization with these rules, as well as the conditions of certain types of bets and registration in the "lucky-bet.net " system is the responsibility of the bettor, and acceptance of the rules and regulations will be considered as acceptance of these rules. A bet is considered valid from the moment of its registration in accordance with the conditions determined by these rules. After the bettor clicks on “Place a bet” and a window appears with the message “Your bet has been accepted, thank you”, the bet participant is considered to be placed. If this message does not appear, the client should check his betting history or inform support for clarification. If in the process of accepting a bet after a participant clicks on the “Place a Bet” bet, the coefficient changes upward with respect to that which was presented in the browser window, the bet is accepted at a higher coefficient without additional messages to the client. In case of loss of connection with the website during the placement of a bet, the bettor is advised to contact the support team to check whether the bet has been registered. After the connection is restored, the bettor can check the history of bets to see exactly which bets were made before losing the connection. Despite the fact that BC “lucky-bet.net ” makes every effort to provide accurate information, the company is not responsible for obvious mistakes made by the staff and / or omissions, which can cause incorrect display of coefficients, input of results, list of participants or time of the start of events. The company reserves the right to correct all obvious errors by immediately informing the participant of the bet about it, in accordance with the following provisions: - if the bet is placed before the start of the event, its winning ratio changes to the correct one (revised). If the revised coefficient is less than 1.001 (1/1000), the rate is canceled; - if the bet is made after the start of the event, then it is canceled regardless of the result; - if the bet is made in real time (LIVE), then it will be void regardless of the result. Where the official start of the event has not been announced, bets are accepted until the opportunity exists on the site, and if at the time of placing the bet the event has already taken place or is at such a stage that the bettor can know the outcome, all elections will be canceled. In the event of a dispute about the time of placing a bet, the time recorded on our website will be decisive in the dispute. All bets are displayed on the "My bids" page, they can be checked at any time. The company does not accept bets by mail, fax, skype and phone, and if a bet is received in this way, it will be canceled regardless of the outcome of events related to it. If the bid exceeds the allowed limit, then at the time of placing it, a message appears on the page about the maximum allowable amount for this choice. BC “lucky-bet.net ” reserves the right to refuse to accept a bet or any part thereof without giving reasons. All odds posted on the website are subject to change at any time. Odds are applied to any particular bet at the time of placement. All the latest results and / or match time displayed on the market “in the course of the event” (“Live”) are for reference only. Despite the fact that we try to provide the most reliable information, we are not responsible for the inaccuracies displayed on the site. In some cases, the odds for the winner are not indicated for all present elections. A bettor may send an email or contact support to request a choice to be added to the market. However, all the elections will be taken into account in the calculations, regardless of whether they are displayed or not, unless it is specifically stipulated in a particular market that “Only the indicated elections are considered”. All returns will be credited to the participant’s account. All claims and questions regarding bets will not be accepted after 3 days from the date of calculation of such bets. All telephone conversations with the support service are recorded in order to ensure the confidentiality of the betting participant, to assist in the processing of requests, as well as in order to maintain high standards in the service of betting participants. We can keep records of such conversations.




6.2 Calculation of bets. Rates are calculated based on quotes presented in fractional format. The calculation of the bet is made automatically to win, if the bet was not made to win / place. If a win / place bet was made unintentionally in a market where only win-win bets are accepted, or a reduction in the number of runners changes the conditions of a win / place bet so that it becomes a win-only bet, then the amounts bet on the win / place, according to this choice, they will be directed to victory (i.e., 5 Euros per place will be 10 Euros to win). The winning / place bet coefficient is fixed at the time of its acceptance and is displayed on the site. An exception is the bet on horse racing made after the approval of the final list of participants, when the coefficient on the place is determined by the number of actual participants. The quotation for a place by the starting coefficient in all bets is also determined by the number of actual participants. If a simultaneous finish (dead heat) is announced in any event, half of the amount is credited to the choice by the full coefficient, and the other half is considered lost. If in the race more than two winners arrived at the finish line at the same time, the amount is divided proportionally. The same rule also applies where a simultaneous finish has led to a greater number of paid elections at placed bets per seat than was determined by the coefficients per seat at the start of the race. All early odds and some fixed odds are calculated according to Tattersall’s Rule 4 (c) Committee Rule on Retired Members. A fixed coefficient, according to rule 4, can be applied where the wagered amounts are returned for a non-competing participant (for example, a golf group rate). Bets made in advance (Ante Post), accepted on the condition "It does not matter whether all participants are involved," will not be deductible in accordance with Rule 4, since bets on all non-participants will be considered as a loss. If the choice is canceled during the calculation, it will be considered as not participating. Single bet amounts will be refunded. In complex bets, such a choice will be considered as not participating, and the amounts will be redistributed for the remaining elections in this rate. Unless otherwise expressly announced or displayed on the site, the company does not accept bets ONLY ON THE PLACE without an equal bid for victory, except for bets in the sweepstakes (pari-mutuel) for horse racing abroad. In any other circumstances, the amount put in place will be canceled, regardless of winning or losing. All bets are settled based on the information provided by the official websites of the competitions and their organizers. Subsequent changes in the results are not taken into account in the calculation, unless the correction of obvious errors. If official sources of information do not contain market results, then bets will be calculated on the basis of information matching on independent authoritative resources. All bets on horse racing are calculated based on the results of the weigh-in. All further changes to the results do not affect the calculation of bids. Amounts won will be transferred to the account of the betting participant immediately after the final announcement of the results, if the company believes that there will be no reason for any changes. BC “lucky-bet.net ” reserves the right to collect from you all funds that were incorrectly paid to your account and adjust your balance to correct the error (for example, if the result of an event is incorrectly reflected).


6.3 Sports rules. The date and time the event began are informative. When calculating bets, the time of the start of the event is the actual time of the start of the event, which is determined on the basis of official documents of the organization conducting the competition, match, etc. All bets made after the actual start time of the event will be canceled. The exceptions are bets taken during the match, or bets on events, the odds in which change during the match. An event is considered postponed or rescheduled if the planned official time of the start of the event changes. If for any reason a match or competition is postponed or postponed for more than 30 hours from the official scheduled start time, then all bets will be void. If, for any reason, a match or competition is interrupted and resumed within 30 hours after its start, then all bets will remain valid. If an interrupted match or competition does not resume within 30 hours after its start, then all bets will be void, unless the market result has already been determined. This rule does not apply to events that, according to the rules of the competition, can be completed in a period exceeding 30 hours. If a participant refuses to fight before the start of the event, then all bets on this participant will be void. If a participant for any reason (injury, refusal, etc.) leaves during the competition, then all bets made before the start of the last round or stage of the competition in which he participated are considered valid, and the rest of the bets are void. All bets are settled on the basis of the award ceremony or the official protocol of the competition without taking into account the results of subsequent investigations or disqualifications. If one pair of participants (teams, athletes) is indicated in the event (match, comparison or fight), and subsequently the composition of the pair changes, then all bets on this event are canceled. In the event of a change in the format of the match (the number of times played, periods, etc., or the duration of the match, time, period, etc.), all bets will be void, unless the information on the changed format of the match is indicated in the event. In team competitions, the concepts of “Home” (receiving teams) and “Guests” (guest teams) are used, which are indicated by the numbers “1” and “2”, respectively. The exception is events whose name indicates the location of the competition. In such cases, the numbering of the participants is conditional and the concepts of “Hosts” - “Guests” do not apply. If the match was held on a neutral field, and this was not indicated additionally, then all bets remain valid. If the match was played on the field of the team indicated as a guest, then all bets will be void. The main time of the match is the duration of the match in accordance with the rules of the competition in this sport, including the time added by the referee. The main time of the match does not include extra time, overtime, penalty shootouts, shootouts, etc. Bets on a part of a match (halves, quarters, periods, etc.) are calculated based on the result of the corresponding part of the match without taking into account the current score in the match. The markets of the last part of the match are calculated without taking into account additional time, shootouts, overtime, etc. If a match is interrupted and is not played out within the time periods established by these rules, then all bets on unplayed and unplayed parts of the match will be void, unless the market result has already been uniquely determined. Events (comparisons) with two participants. If both participants showed the same result and no odds were offered, then all bets will be void. If either of the two participants did not participate in the competition, then all bets will be void. Events (comparisons) with three participants. If all three participants showed the same result, the bet will be void. If two of the three participants showed the same result, the simultaneous finish rule applies. If any of the three participants did not participate in the competition, then all bets will be void. For more information, contact support.


6.4. Calculation of bets is made only on the basis of the results announced by the bookmaker. The announced results do not apply to gambling participants who have made bets / interactive bets bypassing or in violation of the rules. For such gambling participants a decision is made individually: the Client is recognized as a loser or receives a payment with a coefficient of "1"








7.1 Claims regarding the provisions of any Rules established by the Betting Office are not accepted. A client who is not familiar with the rules bears the risk of adverse consequences.




7.2 The bookmaker does not bear any responsibility for any damage or loss claimed to be incurred as a result of taking part in a gambling game. The client guarantees his legal capacity, availability of the right and opportunity for unlimited participation in games and betting, realizes the consequences of such participation and his personal responsibility in the event of adverse consequences for material well-being both in relation to himself and to his family members. When contesting any bet made by a Client with limited legal capacity, all bets made, including those that have ended in favor of the Client, are canceled.




7.3 In the event of force majeure circumstances, the Client is not liable for full or partial failure to fulfill his duties if the failure is due to circumstances such as floods, fires, earthquakes, other natural disasters, war or hostilities and other force majeure events that are not dependent from the will of the Parties.




7.4 In order to fulfill its obligations to Clients in case of force majeure circumstances, the Bookmaker creates a Reserve Fund. Each client who has made bets and received a win is required to pay a fixed contribution to the Reserve Fund or 13% of the winnings (winnings tax). Paid funds are displayed in the personal account of the Client, but cannot be used to make bets.









8.1. The Client is obliged to reimburse the Company for any costs, claims and expenses (including shipping costs) that may arise due to violation of the terms of the Agreement.




8.2 The Client agrees to fully compensate for losses, protect and defend the interests of the Company, its partners, employees and directors from any claims, responsibilities, costs, losses and expenses that arose due to: - violation by the Client of the terms of the Agreement; - violation by the Client of the laws and rights of third parties; - gaining access to the Site services by any other person using the Client’s identification data with or without his permission, or appropriate the winnings obtained in this way.




8.3 In the event that the Client violates the terms of the Agreement, the Company has the right: - to notify the player that by his actions he violates the terms of the Agreement, and demand the immediate termination of prohibited actions; - temporarily suspend the Client’s account; - block the Client’s account without prior notice; - recover from the Client's account the amount of payments, winnings or bonuses acquired as a result of the violation.




8.4 The Company has the right to cancel the player’s username and password in case of non-compliance with any of the clauses of the Agreement.








9.1 These Rules may be changed unilaterally by the bookmaker, which is notified to Clients by posting a new version of the rules on the website of the Bookmaker.


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